Sower seed allegory

“Finding the real in the unreal is always a beautiful experience because you enter the world of thought and touch the Living Idea, which is present in every seed as a life that combines real and good with the beautiful and the sublime.“Introducing into this incomprehensibility – the idea of the spirit is bread. It’s a seed, a sower and all.«
The word of the spirit “be” is an expression of the power of his will. This will is the desire of the Holy Live to sow infinite sprouts of thought out of his own love and wisdom. Exposed of themselves as independent seeds to germinate and ripen into the diverse fruit of perfect shapes in all the beauty and wisdom to get to know life. They achieve perfection at the level of man, who is the perfect fruit of all seeds, when his mind and word and everything else open up, that he is capable of communication with the sower. This enables the realization and perception of all this meaningful beauty and greatness of creation – sowing. It offers a man a hand to become a sower of a new strain. This reach is without coercion, out of love, in beauty, and in pure reason. Therefore, a man in the world of matter, full of false illusions, has been given the free will to choose and taste a variety of seed fruits and realize what is real, beautiful and good. The path is not flat and is high, but it is easy if you go through the spirit – the germ that is within us.


Is it possible to get acquainted in wheat grain in all its unity and simplicity of grain only as a seed, how Live is ideological-spiritual, even if to some extent it seems subjective, it is in this grain that is essentially objectively outside of time and space. Its constant growth and harvest and the ability to reproduce endlessly with exactly the same grains can go to infinity. Would this be possible if in this one grain and the same in all other grains this infinite number did not already exist as immanent Live conceptual-spiritual, outside temporally and outside spatially?! Almost not!
Which exists in this wheat grain, exists in all seeds and plants, in all animals and especially completely Living Idea similar in man, therefore, a person can also become smart and sensible, he can talk, and the Living Idea as Your Creator – the Sower in the beginning senses, later, however, he becomes more and more pure, and completely subordinates his will to the realized will of the Living Idea. And this is therefore like a purely spiritual in man, and as a Living Idea similar also outside of time and space. If it were in time and space, man could never know himself or the Living Idea, and would be completely incapable of any omics, he would never become prudent, reasonable, he would never and never even have a hunch about the spiritual, Live ideas, let alone, to ever meet her, loved her and subordinated his will to her. Then he would be merely the most external, dead eggshell, he would have no life in him, least of all eternal life outside of time and space.

Handi Behrič, March 2021