SOWERWe don’t yet know what happened before, the chicken or egg, the seed or the tree. Maybe a sower? If you want to sow beautifully and well you have to have a nice idea in advance, a nice word, a good seed and also a well-prepared soil for growth. What about the sower? Of course we also need a sower, and that’s us. Each of us is a very special sower, especially if an artist has matured himself, that through this art, which has the power to freely enter the unconscious field of the idea of the spirit. He draws from it everything that is still vague, invisible ... what could be is not yet. He sees all the beauty and wisdom of the order of countless suns, makes them aware and gives a face to the invisible. Removing these invisible forms of seeds is the creative enthusiasm of the artist, who slowly realizes that he himself is part of this wonderful whole. Human expressiveness has no boundaries in this field of spirit.MaturityFlower. You see a flower in a tree. But you don’t see the emerging fruit or you only see it a little while blooming. Only when the flower falls off does the tiny fruit attachment become visible. But in the fruit, however, the seed must also grow with life's germ; but this cannot be observed in the first small piece of fruit! Everything here looks the same. The ability is already in it, but you can't tell it apart from all the other inanimate parts in which the living mud does not ripen. But when the fruit is completely ripe, you will easily and without any effort discover the seed grain. And behold, it is almost like that with a perfectly clear awareness of mental life - the soul in man! As long as man does not have this in him, so long the soul in the body cannot be distinguished from the fleshly body because it is not yet life-ripened. It is too much and too tight connected with the body of the flesh, and it cannot feel or perceive much other than the fate of its body, and even the best explanation cannot give a life-threatening soul an inner, fully mature life consciousness. However, when the soul achieves the mentioned life maturity through its activity and after learning about the inner spirit of the Living Idea, then any further proof of this is unnecessary. Or maybe you need proof that you live naturally in your body now? Certainly not, and I would laugh in the face of anyone who would like to prove to you that you live in the body now, move and can work in all directions. But if you slept soundly, you could not benefit from even such weighty proof that you are still alive because you could not hear it at all!Beauty - a sense of beauty is the flower of truthThe sense of beauty combines real and good with beautiful and sublime. Look how cute all the flowers are! How beautifully they are decorated and color-tuned, as one surpasses the other in beauty! Yes, and why so? Finally, such temptingly beautiful roses remain behind the flower, but only a very simple and not too beautiful seed that developed from a beautiful flower, even if such a beautiful flower would not be needed for its formation at all. But the Creator - the Sower also added aesthetics at the highest level to all his works in order to awaken in man, in order for every bliss, a much-needed sense of beauty. When he wakes up completely in a man, such a man is already acceptable for all truth and all good, whose initial is BEAUTIFUL A man without a sense of beauty, who is actually the flower of truth, also has no sense of truth that, as a useful seed of life, follows a flower. By this I do not mean, however, that because of this man should do nothing but above all strive to elevate his house, gardens, and his fields and meadows with all kinds of domestic valuable means to such splendor that people would above him exceedingly sharpened. Such immeasurable luxury degenerates too soon into the worst presumption, selfishness, conceit and authority. For a poorer class of people, however, this even means proof that the owner of such luxury must be an overly rich man. To perhaps get something from him, to admire his luxury too much, to worship him, and because of that this man would soon and easily take over, then he would like to offer even more to subdue people even more and finally gain even the right to rule over admirers. Otherwise, it has always been present. Such an excessive sense of splendor is ultimately even worse than the rot caused by laziness. Such a sense is called conceit and is a sin of human nature that never helps the soul to live forever. But a sense of beauty and order that creates something only with its usefulness and true zeal for all beautiful, true and good is a virtue that should be recommended to everyone as much as possible. Strengthen this reasonableness of beauty.GoodSow the purest seed into a carefully processed finger, and during it, however, a multitude of weeds will always sprout. Sow the seeds of the weeds in your finger, and you will not see that only one wheat ear grows on its own in the midst of the weeds! Thus, man must always nurture goodness with special care and has more than too much work to protect it from all kinds of spoilage. But despite all the effort and zeal of many very respectable people, then over time all their great efforts still collapse just like a big, beautiful city that was once a glimpse of the earth, and later we barely know where it stood. Why? Let us be afraid of sowers who do not have these values and sow bad immorality and trample on the dignity of man. Let us sow good and beautiful words in people's hearts, for these are seeds. Let us not forget that the word has the greatest power, for every word is a preliminary thought that at some point merges into an expression of an idea.The seed is in terms of sowing and harvesting. Man sower new strainRecently, art has spilled over into mass-various areas. The whole world is slowly but steadily merging into one. The state of the world has become a little strange in all areas today, as if it is fleeing our acquired comfort and wants to put us in a new more meaningful natural arrangement. Beautiful and ugly and good and bad stand en masse, globally opposite. In virtual digital worlds and artificial intelligence, we are losing genuine natural senses. We neglected functional aesthetics and mutual healthy relationships. There is less and less real art. What’s still nice today is not to offend the eye? Where is the miracle? We are amazed that the whole world has been engulfed in a new Covid pandemic. It's a new miracle? It is strange, for the first time, a pandemic has engulfed the whole world and connected it in one way. A new world order is promised to man? Sobering up? Resetting a man? Unconditionally new education? We do not know. I believe that this new event reveals a foggy eye to a person, to see nature again and feel it with real charms, with a miracle intended for a man. There are so many hidden and visible miracles in it. To see and realize how much he has polluted and destroyed her for his own comfort. To rabm, to rabm, to rabm ... New changes must not plunge into parasitic gloom and are inadmissible to take away any critical mind and sense of art. We need to make our mind aware that we are part of nature and universal life with the highest mind acting as one whole or as one great living being. The noblest part of awareness is in the field of art and is closest to this realization. In the mind of man, these phenomena are expressed as sublime. Exploring in the field of art and cognition can make us meaningful and enrich us for higher goals. A true artist already knows to whom birds sing, why trees rise to the sun, why mature ears gently wave and whisper to man: “The seed has matured for harvest.“Art awakens man like a dawn day. The sun sends loving warm rays on our cheeks and draws strokes as the artist knows how to paint them. Let art remain written in the search for eternal truth, which is incomprehensible and that is why it always discovers new insights that lead us to better and more beautiful changes of the world. The spirit is always in the furrows of the field of art waiting for a man to sow a well-ripened seed. We do not allow the diverse weeds to outgrow these fields that are growing today, especially in the spheres of multinationals and politicians who have lost all heart and mind and taken human dignity. Worthy of man, we ennoble values to preserve them as a healthy holistic and aesthetic creative structure through all artistic practices and work with the science of introducing it into artificial intelligence if we can no longer do without it. We have forgotten about living intelligence, the Living Idea that is before all this, and that everything that is comes from it. It is up to the man to accept it again.Opportunity and time is for a new strain of art, morality and wonders.Handi Behrič, March 2021 © 2021 Handi Behrič. All rights reserved. Seed sower allegory

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